A sale contract contains the clause: "If either party revokes this agreement, they should pay to the second party (x) amount of money in compensation": 1. Can this clause be regarded as a stipulation of the right of revocation? 2. Is such a condition valid? 3. If it is invalid, would the entire contract be so as well?
Category: Conditions Stipulated in the Contract
This is not a stipulation of the right of revocation. Rather, it is a condition to pay a certain amount of money in the event of the other party changing their mind and not going ahead with completing the deal. There is no harm in it if it became binding by way of a blinding contract between the two parties, or the blinding contract was based and concluded on it. However, a period of time has to be set for the fulfillment of such conditions which have a bearing on the price of the sold property. Otherwise, it is invalid.