I have been married to my husband for many years, and all my life I have been patient, understanding, and very obedient. He has always promised me a better life; I've worked hard to give him everything he wants, financially, emotionally, and physically. In the past few years my husband and I live in the same house, but we do not talk to each other, nor does he have any respect for me, and he ignores me. All he wants is to sell the house go back to the old country. He wants to leave me with the child, and he says if I want I can follow him, but he is not leaving me without any income. He treats me bad, and if I go back home with him, he will not give me a better life, then here. We have slept separate in different rooms for the past couple of years; he wants me to ask for a divorce because our religion will then give him rights to take what he wants to give me a divorce. Also, he is a Muslim, but he does not practice his religion, or believe, and I am a very religious Muslim. He makes fun of our religion, and he is a discouragement to my children whom I have taught to follow our religion. Please help me, the problems he is causing for me are hurting me, and my kids. I need to know what my rights are religiously, if I ask for a divorce.
Category: Family
To be in fair in answering the question, one would need to hear his side as well. It is possible that if you moved abroad with him the situation would be better, or it might not be. But in any case, you most certainly have the right to ask for a divorce. If he doesn't agree to that, you can apply for what is known as a khula divorce through an Islamic authority. The Prophet said: The most hated halal in the eyes of God is the divorce.