I would be grateful if you could tell me what options are available to me with regards to khul. I understand that women have a right to ask for divorce but what if her husband refuses to give her a divorce. What are the steps she should take? My husband used me as a means to obtain a British passport. His family members have told my father that he can leave me hanging, that is, he will not agree to give me a divorce so to prevent me from remarrying. He is doing this out of spite in order to pressure me into signing the papers to help him gain a British passport. Do I have to go to an Islamic court or is there any other way I can free myself from this man, as I know that these people are cruel and will try to make my difficult, so that I will give into them. My husband lies and will continue to lie about me in order to get me to sign the papers. I don't know if this is relevant, but as a husband, he has not given and financial support to me at all. I read in an article that a husband should provide for his wife even during the 3-month separation period. Also, I was wondering if the fact that I haven't consummated the marriage would allow me to annul the marriage. I view marriage as gift for both, husband and wife and understand that marriage is recommended in order to complete your deen; however, I cannot live with a man who does not value marriage and as seen from his actions, has no fear of Allah (SWT).
Category: Divorce
Although originally the husband has control over divorce, but the wife can ask for a divorce right at the beginning of the marriage. Also, she has the right to apply for divorce if he doesn't practice his obligations as a husband, for example if he does not support her financially, emotionally or he treats her brutally. In such cases she can go to the Islamic judge or Imam and ask for divorce. If you are under the same category, then certainly you have the right to refer to an Imam and apply for divorce and he would go through the Islamic procedures and decide based on justice and fairness. The fact that your marriage is not consummated yet is not an excuse to escape the procedures. Regarding the financial support of the wife for the 3-months waiting period is about revocable divorces, when the husband initiates the divorce.