My question is about the creation and existence of man, and that is when humans on the Day of Judgment face God, what if one human says to God regarding reward and punishment that if you had never created me in the first place I wouldn't have done any wrong or even right or good or bad, but I was forced to exist. Thank you Imam Elahi and I'm looking forward for the answers and I assure you that will be a great help in my research journey and may God bless you.
Category: Creation of Man
That is true that we didn't choose to come to this world, we didn't choose the date and place of birth, our race and physical characteristics, yet God gave us a free will that makes the whole life meaningful. God gave us the gift of life out of his generosity and grace. He gave us all the keys of happiness and salvation in this world and hereafter. If we abuse our free will, and do wrong things, then we can't blame the Divine will.