I'm very much addicted to Hand Practice (Masturbation). I know this is Haram in Islam, but I perform it every day because I don't have control on myself. So, the question is, is there any way to make it halal? Because it's impossible to stop myself!
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In the Name of Allah Salam Alaikum dear brother All Muslim Ulama (scholars) believe that this action (masturbation) is haram and not permitted at all. However, here are some of the strategies to stop this bad habit: 1. In the treatment of any disease or leaving any habit, the most important thing is to have a firm determination. Seek assistance from Almighty Allah, pray to Him, and decide decisively to stop masturbating! Maybe you have decided before, too, to leave this addiction but you have not succeeded. In that case, it is probable that your will is weakened to some extent; but you should not be disappointed. You must tell yourself that you HAVE a strong will! Review your successful cases in the past, and repeat telling yourself that “I have a strong willpower and whatever I decide, I will do it.” Do not forget to ask help from Allah at all times even when you decide firmly to do something and have a strong will. 2. You should never lose your hope and BELIEVE that you can cure it. 3. You should note that: in order to abandon a bad habit, you need time. In the same way that you have become addicted to this act gradually during long time, therefore, you will be able only to leave it gradually during passage of time. You may not be able to quit this act all at once and immediately. For example, if you do this act every day; then little by little you reduce it to once a week, then once a month … until you gain control on yourself by the help of Allah and leave it completely. So never give up your hope; but continue your efforts till complete abandonment of the act. 4. You must read the Islamic narrations by Holy Imams (a.s.) that blamed this act. 5. You must do physical exercises (football, tennis, cycling, etc.) to spend your energy on positive deeds rather than sexual affairs. 6. Do not sleep while your stomach is very full with food. 7. Do not put on very tight clothes (especially shorts, pants, and trousers). 8. Never watch sexually exciting scenery, or porn videos and images, which arouse your sexual feelings. It is Haraam. 9. Do not listen to or read sexually exciting books, articles, topics and stories. Also keep away from jokes or songs that are provocative (sexually exciting) and avoid thinking about sexual affairs. 10. Avoid eating foods that help arouse sexual feelings, such as dates, onion, pepper, egg, red meat and fatty foods. Sour foods are good to reduce sexual desires like pomegranate juice, barberry, sour lemon… 11. It should be noted that this indecent habit (masturbation) in many cases is stemmed from neurasthenia (weakness of nerves); therefore, it is necessary to have a healthy and perfect food diet. 12. Avoid manipulation (playing) with sexual organs. Do not lock the door when you go to bathroom and exit immediately after your bathing is finished. 13. Never sleep on your belly (avoid lying face downwards while sleeping). 14. It is better to fill your leisure time with good hobbies like studying useful books, exercise (sports), worship (prayers…) etc. 15. Do not isolate yourself. Try to be present among others most of the time in order to be released from sexual thoughts. Do not remain in a place of solitude, alone, and away from others. Whenever you are engaged in sexual thoughts, go out immediately and engage yourself in something fun (for example: talking with friends, participate in community programs, going to mosque, etc.). These are very useful for you. 16. Leave everywhere that arouses your sexual feelings. 17. Do not associate with friends or people that encourage or invite you to masturbation directly or indirectly. Cut your relationship with those friends who are addicted to masturbation. 18. Try to fast at least once a week (if you are healthy enough to do so). 19. Study good books each night before going to bed. Sleep while you are fully clothed. Leave the bed soon after waking up. 20. Try to keep your ablutions (always be with Wudhu). 21. Always remember death and that all human beings will die and return to Allah. 22. Wash your feet (from the wrist down) with cold water every day. If you have performed the act of masturbation, you must perform ghusl (major ablution). This ghusl shows that you have not lost your hope and that you believe in Allah and still obey His commandments and you are determined to quit this indecent habit in very near future. If you do not perform ghusl, then Satan will deceive you and you will abandon other ritual and obligatory acts like daily prayers (Salat / Namaz) or Fasting. In that case, Satan will keep you away from Allah, which is very dangerous. 23. Take heed of (pay attention to) the physical and mental harms resulting from masturbation. Muslim scholars and western psychologists have counted more than 50 harmful effects of masturbation, some of which are the following: · Paleness in the face · Creating a black ring around the eyes · Causing ill humor · Fatigue, feebleness, and drowsiness (sleepiness) · A general weakness in the body · Weakness in hearing (hearing loss) · Disorders in the digestive tract, including the stomach, intestines, liver… · Increase of heart rate and heart beat · Anorexia (lack of appetite) · Memory loss · Weakness of nerves · Trembling limbs · Tic disorders (twitching) · Premature ejaculation · Uncontrollable ejaculation · Passivity and aimlessness · Losing concentration (of thought) · Hair loss and white hair · Losing sexual potency · Infertility · Weakness of immune system in the body, causing repeated diseases · Weakness in eyesight, which may result in blindness finally · Vertigo (dizziness) · Anemia (lack of blood cells) · Dyspnea (difficult breathing) or asthma · A feeling of depression, aimlessness, and nihilism · Back pain & side pain · Mood of seclusion or retreating from people · State of worry and anxiety · Sadism · Risk of infection with gonorrhea · Risk of infection with tuberculosis · Tendency towards homosexuality and sex work (prostitution) · Untimely (early) ageing · Madness · Premature death · and ... 24. Repeat Istighfar or asking forgiveness from Allah (say: Astaghfirullah Rabbi wa atoobu ilayh) 100 times every day; also appeal to Holy Imams (a.s.) and seek the help of Allah. استغفرالله ربّي و اتوب اليه Also repeat this zikr too much: “La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah al-‘Ali al-‘Azeem” (it means: There is no might or strength but from Almighty Allah). لا حول و لا قوة الا بالله العليّ العظيم 25. You should not consider yourself a cursed or banished person by Allah. The door of repentance is always open. All believers MUST pin their hope in Allah at all times. During Salat (daily prayers) or after Salat, prostrate before your God and pray to Him from the bottom of your heart to help you abandon this indecent act and release you from the paws of this evil deed. Allah is very compassionate and kind to His servants. Be sure that ALLAH will help you and you will be victorious in this vital battle. Rest assured that you will be successful by the Will of Allah!

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