Is this saying of ibn Taymiyah true that Ali's belief is right only if the belief of caliphs be accepted?
Category: Islamic Sects
Ibn Taymiyah says that: If Shia does not accept the belief, justice, being a heavenly creature and Imamate of Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman, he can prove neither the belief, justice, being a heavenly creature of Ali, nor his Imamate. If he wants to prove just his Imamate, he can never do that only by giving reasons; as a Christian cannot accept the prophecy of Jesus only by giving reasons, without admitting the Prophecy of Muhammad (s.a.w.). (1) And he also says that (2): Shia is unable to prove the belief and justice of Ali just by following his religion and if he just relies to frequently narrated traditions about Islam, Hijra (emigration of the Prophet (s.a.w.)) and Jihad of Ali, not only Islam and Hijra and Jihad of Abu Bakr and Umar and Uthman have also been proved by these narrations, but also Islam of Muawiyah, Yazid, Umayyides Caliphs, Abbassides Caliphs and their fasting, prayer, Jihad against polytheists have been proved by them. In answer to this matter, we say that: We wish we could know that since when the belief and justice of Imam Ali (a.s.) needs to be proved by reasons, Was he an unbeliever to be a believer? Did the Prophet (s.a.w.) have a brother and companion except him in the early Islamic period? Isn't it true that Islam was founded by the sword and devotion of Imam Ali (a.s.), when the mentioned people had not become a Muslim yet? Isn't it true that the army of polytheism was defeated by his power and authority? Isn't it true that the dark layers of doubts and heresy were destroyed by his powerful statements and proofs? Did Allah clean Kabah from idols by anyone except him? Did Allah consider a family pure from filth in the Quran except his family that he is the lord of them? Is there anyone except him who is the soul of the Prophet (s.a.w.) according to text of the Quran? Did anyone except him sacrifice himself in the way of Allah's pleasure at the Laylat al- Mabit (a night that Imam Ali (a.s.) slept instead of the Prophet (s.a.w.) to save him)? Is there anyone except him who has had more authority over the believers than themselves like the Prophet (s.a.w.)? We swear to Allah that nobody except him has had this position. In fact, Shia have frequently narrated traditions in this regard and these narrations convinced them to accept submitting to these virtues and qualities humbly, of course, there is an important point that: when Shia argue with Sunnis, they use Sunni narrations to convince them, because Sunnis will be convinced by their narrations more easily, otherwise Shia does not need their narrations. And this is the correct way of debate not their way, because all of them resort to their scholar's books and narrations in any matter, and this method is out of the rules of debate. We wish we could know that what relationship is between the belief and justice of Ali and the belief of the mentioned people. Does Ibn Taymiyah think that Imam Ali (a.s.) and those people are one soul and they are not separated from each other? Or he thinks that one soul has been given to them so that they can share a common the same belief and heresy. Or this is a false relationship which has been made by Ibn Taymiyah and it has been unknown for many religious arguments and debates in different meetings for the Companions and the Successors and Imams and Shi'ite scholars at the past centuries, Or Shi'ite's opponents have forgotten this relation for defending those three people. Of course, none of these cases is true, and on the one hand, he tries to compare Shi'ite with Christianity, but on the other hand, he compares the belief of Imam Ali (a.s.) with the belief of deceitful Muawiyah, wicked Yazid, cruel oppressors of Umayyides and aggressive and evil rulers of Abbasids, and this is his science, civility, piety and religiosity. (3)

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