What was the doubt of Ibn Taymiyah about considering Ali (a.s.) as a guide?
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What doubt was raised by Ibn Taymiyah considering these sayings of the prophet (s.a.): “أنا المنذر” “I am the warner” and بکَ يا عَلىّ يهتدى المهتدون “those seeking guidance will gain it through you”? Answer: Ibn Taymiyah has said, “we cannot attributes these sayings to the Prophet (s.a.), because they seemingly mean that the guidance is only performed by Ali (a.s.) not by the Prophet, while none of Muslims confirms it…” [1] and he has also said, “the Exalted God has appointed Muhammad as a guide and He has said, إِنَّکَ لَتَهْدي إِلى صِراط مُسْتَقِيم “Verily you direct people to the right way” now how do you consider someone as a guide while he has not been introduced so in the Holy Quran [2]. We say in reply to him that, this doubt is the result of his misunderstanding and enmity because we all believe that the Prophet (s.a.) had been the guide of Imam Ali (a.s.) and the community during his lifetime while Ali (a.s.) had been the guide of the community after the Prophet (s.a.), and this is a valid tradition from the Prophet (s.a.) that he said, [3] بک يهتدي المهتدون من بعدي those seeking guidance after me will gain it through you " unfortunately Ibn Taymiyah has not seen or ignored the word “بعدي” after me. [4]

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