Does requesting intercession agree the fundamentals of monotheism?
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Another mistake that happened here by Wahhabies is that they compare asking intercession from maintainers and guardian of Islam (Awliya Allah) in the presence of Allah with asking intercession from idols, those lifeless, without wisdom and unthinking existences! While holy Qur’an shows lots of times that divine prophets made intercessions in presence of Allah for sinners. For instance: 1- Brothers of Joseph after knowing about his greatness and their mistakes, asked their father Jacob for intercession and he promised them to do: “They said our father! Ask forgiveness for us and our sins, because we were sinners * He said I will ask my god for your forgiveness, Indeed he is clement and merciful”. [1] Was Prophet Jacob a polytheist? 2- Qur’an has encouraged sinners to repent and asking intercession from holy Prophet (s.a.) and says: “Anytime that they oppress themselves (by their sins), and came to you and repented and Prophet asks forgiveness for them, then they found Allah acceptant of penances and merciful”. [2] Is this expression encourages to polytheism? 3- Qur’an says in disapproval of hypocrites: “And when they told to come to Prophet to asking forgiveness for you, they shake their heads (as a symbol of sneering) and you can see them protesting to your words and being arrogant”. [3] Does Qur’an invite infidels and hypocrites to polytheism? 4- We know that Loot were the most dirty and impure nation. Abraham (a.s) Sheikh of prophets made intercession for them (asked god to give them more time, may they repent), but because they loosed the capability of intercession due to their mass of obscenity, it had told to Abraham that give up intercession for them! “When fear of Abraham gone (because of seeing unknown angles) and heard enunciation (of birth of his son), talked about Loot nation with us (and asked forgiveness for them), because Abraham was forbearing, compassionate and repenter. (We told him) Abraham! Forgo this (request) because the order of your god has issued and surely a no-return torment will take them.” [4] It is interesting that Allah applause Abraham for this incredible intercession and say: “Indeed Abraham was very forbearing and clement and he prayed a lot to god and asked him forgiveness”, but mention him that in this case the time has gone and no chance remained for intercession.

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Ref: Shia Answers; Ayt. Makarem Shirazi; Translated by: Bahador Shirazian