Do the infallible Imams enjoy the Wilayat Takwiniya (universal or absolute authority)? Do they have the knowledge of the unseen, if God, the Most Exalted wills so?
Category: Unseen World and Imams' Issues
The term Wilayat Takwiniya means that Allah has given Prophet Muhammad (p.) and his household the mandate to run the universe or at least a part of it. The religious scholars are divided between those who believe in it and those who do not. And we tend to agree with those who do not, because if Allah does not interfere and has left the running of the universe to other distinguished creations (Angels, Prophets…, etc.) then their independence is assuming their responsibilities and this is what the religious scholars have agreed to refuse. It is clear in this case that rejecting the mandate leads to rejecting the Wilayat Takwiniya. If this Wilayat means something else; that they (prophets and imams) were honored by Allah in asking them to run the universe, although He is the real administrator and the only source of power. We say that since their role is to guide people to the right path, any other task does not conform to this role. It is also not necessary to enable them to perform this role. Miracles do not constitute a proof in this regard. The miracle is an exceptional action that Allah made certain Prophets performs to prove their case. But it is not a proof of the Wilayat Takwiniya, since it is not a constant attribute. In any case, what is relevant here is that Allah has ensured in His Holy Book that He is the only creator and the only one who runs this universe, and that He has no partners. If the angles were given a certain role in running certain affairs, they are not independent, rather, and according to the Quranic text, they follow His orders. Moreover, it has not been proven that, with the exception of the angels, anybody else, especially, Prophets and Imams, have any role in running the universe. The traditions that say otherwise are either false because they contradict the Quran, or not authentic.