I am a housewife following Imam Khomeini (q.) in taqlīd. My husband has specified a date for his khums year so as to pay khums on his property. I too sometimes have some income. Can I specify a date for my khums year based on my first income on which I have not paid khums and at the end of the year remove my khums from what remains at hand after paying for the annual expenditure? Would I have to pay khums on money I used during the year towards the costs of visiting the Holy Infallibles (a.) and purchase of presents?

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It is obligatory that you consider the date of your first income of the year as the beginning of your khums year. All that you spent for personal purposes during the year, e.g. the things you mentioned, are not subject to khums. From the yearly income, what is left over at the end of the year - after taking the annual expenditures into account - is subject to khums.



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