A cooperative society took control of a plot of land. The land was distributed to the employees in return for money it collected from them. The representatives of the cooperative claimed that they had reached a settlement with the landlord. However, a number of houses and a masjid have already been built on this land. Now, we have learned that he has not consented to the sale of land. We would like to ask the following questions: 1. Insofar as the masjid is concerned, do we need permission from the original owner of land? 2. What is the view in the matter of the plots of lands on which houses have been built by the employees?

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If it is proved that the representatives of the cooperative society, who were charged with responsibility of buying the land from its owner, conformed to the proper rules in dealing with him, so much so that they were certain that he consented to the deal, the purchase transaction is valid. If they have told the employees that they procured the land from its owner in a shar‘ī way, their statement should be regarded as valid unless it is proved to be wrong. So should be the distribution of the land among the employees. Any consequential effect should be treated thus. Accordingly, there is no harm in that the new landlords have the right of disposal in the land they got from the cooperative society. Nor is there a problem in completing the construction of the masjid on part of the land with the permission of the joint buyers of the land.



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