Frankly, I say that I suffer from the complex of meanness. What is a practical treatment to save me from it and from its bad effects?

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First, you should recognize the cause so that the treatment can be easy. Here are some of the main causes of this complex: 1. Either you are imagining it or others are making you imagine it 2. Repeated failures in life and not achieving an aim that was once in your mind For the cure, we suggest the following: 1. Try to achieve success in your life to strengthen your morale and then you can aim for another success and a bigger step! 2. Read some books regarding this topic in order to achieve some success! 3. Seize any opportunity to prove your personality in a lawful way; I do not mean that you seize others’ opportunities or show off by doing good. 4. Persuade yourself that you are a successful person by the assistance of Allah! 5. Do not forget to make your intentions sincere and just for the sake of Allah when doing good deeds, because this is the moral secret of everlasting success and progress.


Ref: For a Better Future,200 questions and answers regarding the concerns of the youth, marriage and children, Abdul Adheem al-Muhtadi al-Bahrani, Translated byAbdullah al-Shahin , Published by: Ansariyan Publications

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