[Question from Imam Khomeini] Your Holiness, what do you expect the American government to do in exchange for the release of the female and black hostages that you have ordered?

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We released the women and the blacks because women are shown a special regard in Islam and the blacks have been subject to pressure and oppression in America. We do not consider them totally culpable, for perhaps they were pressurized into coming here. We did this out of obedience to the command of Islam and God, we don’t expect anything from Mr. Carter [1] and we do not want any reward for what we have done. The issue here is that Mr. Carter must hand this criminal (the Shah) back to us. A criminal who has committed crimes against a people in a country must, according to all international laws, be returned to that country. Yet he (Carter) goes against all the rules of reason. 18 November 1979 (27 Aban 1358 AHS)


[1] James Earl Carter, the former American president. ------------------------------

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