Some of the caravans or parades block the roads while performing Azaa' which lead to traffic and chaos on the roads. Is that permissible? What is the Islamic Ruling on this considering that some of these roads are main roads and cannot be substituted in many cases such as in transporting sick patients?

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In the Name of God: Know that upholding the ceremonies of mourning for imam Hussain (a.s) is no less important than transporting military forces or officials. I do not think you would have a problem with blocking off the roads for important officials, the military, political figures, or for re-construction purposes, but you seem to mind that they block it for mourning Imam Hussain (a.s). Do the mourning ceremonies last long? Are there other roads that can be used for transporting patients? Know that upholding the ceremonies of mourning for Imam Hussain (a.s) and having the honor of participating in them is one of the most important blessings of Allah (swt) on us, and we should view these ceremonies with the utmost respect and reverence so that they will not be taken away from us just as they were taken away from us in the previous years.



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