What is the Shiah opinion regarding Sufism and can a Muslim study a Sufi text?

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Sufism has no religious basis in Shi’ism or in Islam generally. There is no sign of it in the teachings of the Prophet (saws). It is better to study the narratives by the Holy Prophet (saws) and texts such as Nahjul Balaghah by the Prophet’s (saws) successor Ali (a.s.). Books on the history of Islam can then be studied. You should follow the teachings of the fourteen Infallibles who are free from any error or sin. To fulfil your religious duties as ordered by the Exalted One, you can refer to a resaleh (Towdih-ol masa'el). It is necessary to point out that all the sects have been led astray since the demise of the Prophet (saws). Some groups have been set up in ignorance, to profit financially from them or to take advantage of some simple-minded and credulous people.



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