I am a 24 year old American Muslim who is married with three children. I have been backsliding but never lost my faith about doing things that a Muslim should not do. My wife is a Christian and takes my children to church with her, which I see no problem with my children learning both faiths that are in our household. It does trouble me however, that we can not pray together as a family and we have arguments over religion right now. My wife and I are having serious marital problems because my wife has started lying to me and deceiving me. My job is very stressful, not physically but mentally. I work 7 days a week from 10 pm until 7am. The lying and deception is only part of the problem. Financial problems are also a cause of the stress and arguments. I love my wife with all my heart, but it is hard to deal with all this and I know if I had chosen a Muslim wife that we would be able to relate better to everyday matters and pray to Allah together for help and guidance. I don't know exactly what I am looking for from you but anything would be helpful as the stress is growing every minute of everyday. I don't want this to start affecting my children whom I hold very dear to my heart, but Insha'Allah, we will work things out as we get older and more mature. Please give me some guidance and advice Imam.

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The biggest problem is that you don't spend enough time with your family. It is an Islamic obligation for you to educate your wife and children about Islam that is the way to save your family. You need to have a clear schedule for your time and make sure that you create an Islamic atmosphere for your family. If you need some counseling please make an appointment to see me or another Imam in your area.



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