My family is being torn apart because of my eldest son. He has a behavior problem. He shows no respect to my wife (who is not his biological mother) he has threatened to kill her on more than one occasion. He bites and hits our younger child, who is 2 years old. He has failed 2 grades and is at risk of being expelled due to his behavior. My wife and I have tried every means to address his problems. We have taken him to a psychiatrist, a psychologist and a therapist, to no avail. We have tried giving him love and medication, still no improvement. He steals, kills animals and his new means of torment is to call the police or child protective services. This is a major problem, as I am a teacher and a report of child abuse can end my career. The other fear is that I may be arrested on his false claims, or they may place our younger child in foster care. He now says he no longer wants to live with me and my wife. He wants to return to his biological mother who is not Muslim. He took his Shahada at the age of 10, yet he refuses to pray. Is it permissible to allow him to return to his biological mother and if not what can I do to keep peace in this family? It should be noted that he has not responded to punishment or spankings.

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At the time you made a baby with this non-Muslim woman, she was good enough for you; you may have broken her heart and the heart of your first-born son. Maybe you can improve your relationship with your son by trying to understand why he has so much rage against you. Your son clearly loves to live with his own mother. Let him live with her as long as she is not telling him to do something against his religion, but you take responsibility for driving him to religious services and classes on a regular basis, and be merciful.



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