I am 18 years old. My friend is turning 17 in September. Every time I see her, she's depressed and sometimes crying. She always tells me that she can't stand life anymore and just wants to die. Her parents are really strict on her. She's never allowed to do anything. We have a field trip to Chicago soon at school and her mom and dad aren't letting her go. I mean I know they're scared for her and are trying to be protective but I feel that it's too much. They're very nice people and care a lot about her. What do you think she should do?

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Field trips are sometimes used by kids as a chance to fool around and do things they might regret later. Her parents are right to try and protect her. It is not a good idea for a Muslim girl to travel out of town without her father's permission. But it is important for parents to help their children enjoy life and not deprive them of exciting opportunities. Her parents should volunteer to come on the trip as chaperones. By getting involved in their daughter's school activities they will have a chance to get to know her and her friends better and to protect her at the same time.



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