I know someone whose daughter ran away and she's really bad right now, hanging out with the wrong people, and she's doing haram things. On the Day of Judgment will her parents get blamed for what she did or will she?

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Parenting is not only a biological process, it is about training and educating the kids so they know what is right and wrong: they have love of God in their hearts and are proud of their faith and committed to live a clean life. If the parents did their duties, but the kids didn't follow, then the parents are not punished for what their kids may have done wrong. The clear example is in the Quran, when Prophet Noah tries to fix his son's behavior but he doesn't listen, he is destroyed. Sometimes rebellion is a process of awakening understanding and deepening faith. If her parents set a good example in her childhood, she will eventually probably return to the Islamic lifestyle because it is in her true nature. Her parents and those who love her can help her by appreciating her deepest good qualities, not just focusing on the bad behaviors, and keeping the door open for her.



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