I have seen pictures of brothers crawling on their knees at the grave of Imam Hussein (Ppuh) out of shame for not supporting him. Is this action of crawling during mourning based on the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh), sayings of the Imams from Ahlul-Bayt (pbuh), or is it an invention? I've been Muslim for 8 years and recently became a supporter of Ahlul-Bayt after researching Sunni texts and reading all of Shaykh Tijani's books. I've been trying to share what I've found with Sunni brothers but, they are turned away from following Ahlul-Bayt by Shia practices like this that seem very strange. I cannot imagine Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) or Amirul-Momineen Ali (pbuh) behaving in such a manner, but I will accept any clear proof that demonstrates otherwise. Any feedback you have regarding the origin of this practice would be greatly appreciated. May Allah s.w.t. bless you for your efforts?

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This is not based on the Sunna of the Prophet (pbuh). People may do similar things out of their love for the Imams. I don't see it as an appropriate practice. There are better ways of expressing love for Ahlul-Bayt (pbuh).



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