Why should the revelation exist and why is it obliged to happen?

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In the history of monotheistic religions, there is no more important and wonderful word like revelation after the sacred Name of God. If the revelation did not exist: 1- God would hide under the veil, and mankind would be left alone relying only on a wooden leg (the intellect). 2- The necessity of resurrection and the world after death can be proved by the intellect and reasoning but learning about most of the characteristics and detail of the universe goes beyond the reach of human knowledge and experience, and is only explicable through revelation. 3- If revelation did not happen, man would face serious doubts as to epistemological issues like the knowledge of mankind, the purpose of creation and social life, the beginning and end of world, mankind`s duty as regards God, society, and its own nature. 4- If God did not exist, the majority of human`s innate and intellectual capacities would be left unknown or would not squarely be known. Of course, divine revelation does not consist in prophetic realm and divine books. Rather, besides the prophetic revelation, it also happens as some special aspirations to the saints of God. According to the narrations, one hundred and twenty four thousand prophets have been appointed throughout the history to small number of which the announcement of divine messages was assigned with. On the other hand, a great number of the prophets had been receiving special guidance to develop intellectual and innate capacities of mankind and had been traversing a safe route in an unhealthy social environment. The Holy Quran states that his highness Moses` mother put her child in a hamper and threw it onto the sea by the help of revelation." We revealed to Moses` mother [saying], 'nurse him; then, when you fear for him, cast him into the river, and do not fear to grieve, for we will restore him to you and make him one of the apostles.'"(1) Mary the virgin was also bestowed divine mercies: "And when the angels said, O Mary, Allah has chosen you and purified you, and he has chosen you above the world`s women. O Mary, be obedient to your Lord, and prostrate and bow down with those who bow [in worship]."(2) Of course, the prophetic revelation has a prominent position at which the role of Holy Quran is very outstanding such that it more than any other divine book serves the role of bearer of glad tidings and warnings in order to distinguish the right from wrong, to modify the passion, wrath and anger, and to strike a balance between mankind`s affection and enmity. Mankind would have passed his life neglectfully if the Holy Quran had not been revealed as he limits his attitude only to material world and supposed this world as the abode of truth. Therefore, in view of humans, their sensibilities do not offer a meaning of this world far beyond worldly realm. Thus, human would consider what they see and sense as separate creatures that are void of source and destination. Neither are they from a definite place nor are they heading towards a clear location. However, verses of Quran compel man to contemplation and awake them from ignorance. The reasons for the revelation of Holy Quran lies in mankind`s need. So far as such a need exists that will last forever, the existence of Quran is justifiable.


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