If religion`s roots as an institution lie in man`s nature. Why do many people despise religion? In other words, what is the reason for the people`s aversion of religion and God?

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Regarding the previous discussions and the demonstration of natural inclination of mankind to religion as well as concerning mankind`s need in religion clarify that some people`s aversion of religion does not religion is void of authoritativeness. Rather, It has got other reasons that should be curiously scrutinized out of the ambit of man`s nature and their pure nature. Some of those reasons are as follows: 1-Avert the expediency of mankind`s nature: Although inclination to God and religion is derived from man`s pure nature, it does not necessarily mean that man is obliged to resign to God-wariness and being religious since it is in the first place repugnant to man`s freedom of choice and second such circumstance negates other-worldly reward and chastisement concerning man`s positive acts and unlawful deeds. The underlying secret behind Quranic verse, ' There is no compulsion in religion', (1) lies in aforementioned points. As such, natural inclination to God and religion is merely an innate interest and capability which we can avert like averting innate interest in art, aestheticism, seeking knowledge and etc and pursuing other purposes. 2- Sloth and unrestraint: Some of irreligious impious men are lazy, lax and shortsighted. Mental activity, curiosity and monotheism and God-wariness bore them. It is clear that seeking truth, monotheism, God-wariness is repugnant to sloth, laziness and unrestraint since it requires contemplation, consideration, lawful thoughts and legitimate deeds of mankind, which is necessarily accompanied with restrictions, hardships and sufferings which do not correspond with such people`s characteristics. The Holy Quran describes such people by deep psychoanalysis as follows: "Rather man desires to go on living viciously". (2) Man does not doubt the occurrence of the Resurrection whereas he wishes to commit sins life-long free from the fear of the Day of Reckoning. "How many a sign there is in the heavens and the earth that they pass by while they are disregardful of it." (3) 3- Obeying carnal desires: Many of those people who are unwilling to seek the truth are shackled by their own lascivious desires and yield to voluptuousness and lust. Their unconscious are wrapped by lustfulness such that their mind and heart are meekly captives of their lust, their discerning sights are blurred by corrosive rusts of sins and ugliness so to deprive them of the appreciation and discernment of truth and righteousness. As explicit text of Holy Quran states their carnal desires are their God:" Indeed many mislead [others] by their fancies without any knowledge."(4) And elsewhere it states," They follow nothing but conjectures and the desires of the [lower] soul."(5) 4- Lacking in firm personality and self-esteem: Some other people who are not God-believers are afflicted with low self-esteem lest they would be easily influenced by negative deviated characters and as such influence others by their thoughts and acquired teachings. False dignity of such negative characters seriously affects their fans and followers who become infatuated with their characters and accordingly lose their sense of reasoning. Those who become enthralled with thoughts and beliefs of famous figures resemble one whose sight is blocked by blinding light so to be unable to see ahead and step forward carefully and attentively. Nowadays, we have the examples of such negative academic and political characters that bring about the ignorance and deviation of masses especially young naïve generation. The Holy Quran describes weak personalities as saying," And they will say, Our Lord! We obeyed our leaders and elders, and they led us astray from the way." (6) 5-Blind obedience of the predecessors: Nurturing care and love for wrong precedents of the ancestors and fathers is like a chain that shackles the wayfarers of God-wariness and truth-seekers and impedes their movement and seeking. The Holy Quran rebukes blind obedience of the predecessors` beliefs and warns people of accepting rebutted beliefs of the ancestors," When they are told,' Follow what Allah has sent down,' they say,' We will rather follow what we have found our fathers following ' What, even if their fathers neither applied any reason nor were guided?!" (7) Moreover, there are plenty of other reasons that we did not touch upon for the sake of brevity.


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