Why has God ordained religious decrees upon humans? Are they not able to draw up legislation and social laws?

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In Islam, the real legislator is only the Almighty God. This exclusive right for God arises from monotheistic ideology of Islam. Based on this monotheistic ideology of Islam, Almighty Lord is not only the Creator of this world, but He also takes care of affairs in this world without the help of any partner.( monotheism in Lordship) Almighty God stipulates the laws concerning man and humane society.( Monotheism in legislative Lordship). Man is obliged to obey the orders and laws stipulated by God. (Monotheism in servitude) Hence, accepting any law other than Divine Law is considered as an act of polytheism as is the case with worshipping and obeying other than Him, which is defined as polytheism. Of course, it is possible that God grants His apostles, Imams and their successors the power to designate some laws and legislations as men are ordered by God to obey them. It is clear that the stipulation of the law by them and obeying them are not considered a polytheistic act, or obeying other than God because they are the manifestation of man`s practical monotheism. To clarify it, we had better review man`s qualification or disqualification in the stipulation and designation of laws. Then, we will mention the reasons of God`s exclusive rights in legislation. 1- Lacking in proper qualification by mankind for legislation: The authority to stipulate laws and issue haves and not-haves in an independent manner belongs only to God, the Exalted. From Islamic viewpoint, one is not allowed to legislate on a par with Him. The reasons as to why no one is allowed to legislate are as follows: 1-Neither mankind as an individual nor mankind as a group is authorized enough in terms of due scientific qualification for legislating the law which secure man`s eternal felicity because the stipulation or realization of such law requires that one enjoy a perfect anthropological knowledge as well as thorough understanding of mankind`s position in the universe. It is crystal clear that mankind is still unknown like a puzzle and called an unknown creature. 2- Human as a legislature is always either on the verge of collapse to lose his impartiality or accused of nepotism, prejudice and bias in legislation. As such, laws of diverse subject matters legislated by humans are not approved generally. Neither are they influential enough. 3- Even if we overlook the two aforementioned points and consider human as knowledgeable and morally eligible. There still exist other points which disqualify humans for legislation. That is, the plague of ignorance, and forgetfulness always threatens mankind`s decisions. Thus, we cannot defend mankind`s legislation absolutely. 4- The laws will not be viewed as an affective obligatory entity if they are issued by a powerful entity unless they conform to man`s desires. Henceforth, as the bulk of legislations are repugnant to mankind`s personal desires and demands, laws will not enjoy acceptability and influence as the legislature does not hold any essential superiority to commons subject to law. 2- Exclusive Authority of God: The above points clarify why God is the sole authority to exclusively legislate laws, the belief in which is the prerequisite of belief in monotheism. The reasons are as follows: First, God is aware of all hidden and unhidden facts and secrets of the world and humans. God also holds knowledge of necessary plans for man`s felicity and wretchedness as well as necessary plans for their perfection. No body except His Essence enjoys such vast knowledge. Second, God neither takes benefits nor is damaged in the stipulation of the law. God has only legislated laws only for His mercy upon His servants and in order to bring about perfection for them. His Sacred Essence has announced these laws by assigning prophets and revealing books. Third, error, ignorance and forgetfulness never inflict Sacred court of Mastership. Fourth, God`s domination and superiority in both legislative and ontological respects over humans who may be either advocates or opponents is crystal clear. Henceforth, His orders will be still penetrating even if they may be repugnant to the interests of an individual or a group because everyone bound to accept His will. Thus, only is God authorized to legislating laws. He is the only Essence who is allowed to stipulate laws. Nobody is permitted to legislate unless He grants them such a right. Considering these facts, Muslim philosophers describe the need for a sacred religion as follows: 1- Mankind is essentially a social being or in other words a civil being by nature. 2- We cannot avoid diversity and differences in facing our counterparts. 3- In order for us to resolve and settle the differences, it requires that we have perfect and all-inclusive legislation which considers all human characteristics. 4- Drawing up such legislation requires a powerful essence, and only is the Sacred Essence of Almighty God, who is the Creator of Humans and other creatures, able to stipulate such laws.


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