Assalam o alaikum i born ismaili shia so please tell me the answer who was the rightfull successor imam jafar as sadiq a.s Ismailis says hazrat ismail ibn jafar was the rightfull successor and our shia asnashari brother says hazrat musa kazim was the rightfull please clear this confussion and give me the references 12 imams and ahadith.

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In the Name of Allah Thank you for your contact with the Ahlulbayt World Assembly. As regards the sources and references of Islamic Ahadith about the 12 Imams, please note that these ahadith can be found in numerous Shiah and Sunni books. As an example, we draw your kind attention to the attached file (Translation of the book entitled Muntakhab al-Athar written by Grand Ayatollah Saafi Golpayegani). Good Luck


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