asslam o alaikum, 1- If a son is rude and disobedient, he is automatically considered ‘Aaq’ or a declaration is required to be made. If so, what is the procedure? thanks. 2- If possible, kindly let me know the meanings of 'rishmet'.

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1- Every act which will be a cause for harassing, annoying or insulting one’s parents would be considered as ‘Aaq’; unless in cases where there is a matter of performing something Wajib or refraining from something Haram. In such cases, if the religion of Islam orders us to oppose the parents, it will be permissible (for example, if parents prevent you from performing Salat, or order you to drink alcoholic drinks, you must NOT obey them). 2- Your question is not clear (what do you mean by RISHMET?)


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