Asslam o alaikum. what does Aaishah and Rishmet mean?

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Aisha is a proper noun (an Arabic female name) which is sometimes also used as a male name (1) and literally may have one of these meanings: 1. Snake; 2. A woman who is hoping to have a long life; 3. A woman who has life (is living); 4. A woman who has a comfortable and good life; 5. A woman who has a good mood. (2) As regards the second word (Rishmet), no information was found.


(1): Taj al-Arous; Vol.17, P.285. (2) Mukhtar al-Sihah Vol.1 P.195 / Qamus al-Mohit Vol.1 P.773 / Lisan al-Arab Vol. 6 P.322. --------------------- Feedback Team for website in AhlulBayt (a.s) Portal

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