i used to cover my hair..i took hijab every where i go..but i do not know what happened to me now..i stop taking hijab...please help me out...

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In the Name of Allah, The All-beneficent, the All-Merciful Salam and Greetings upon You Thank you for your letter and your confidence in asking us the solution to the important matter concerning hijab. Such questions lead the researcher to knowledge, which is emphasized in Islam. Below is the answer we think might help you. Please do not hesitate contacting us for answers to religious questions you may have in the future. Yours, Answer: Wearing Hijab is an Islamic necessity as is clearly stated in the Qur’an verses and in hadiths from Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them). Disregarding it is a sin, the outcome of which affects the individual, the security, repose and tranquility of the society as well, and is a cause for others to slip into sins. A research will prove to you that those who did not wear hijab in the past but are wearing it now, are at rest, whereas those who used to wear hijab but do not wear it now are encountering difficulties and problems they did not have in the past. Of course these difficulties are not always material. They are often spiritual. For example, one may feel that she is getting closer to God, the Mighty, or is distancing herself from God. The Almighty God has created human beings to worship Him and to try to gain knowledge of Him. One example of a woman’s “worship” is her hijab. Through wearing hijab, however hard it may be, women make efforts to acquire God’s pleasure. This is a kind of jihad, a war, for women in the same way that providing for the family needs is a kind of jihad for men. Both of these create difficulties, and of course there are rewards that will be given to them in the Hereafter. You may study Qur’anic verses and hadiths from Ahl-Bayt (p.b.u. them) in order to understand how important hijab is. Specific Answer to Your Question: You need to learn about the fundamental reasons why you were used to wearing hijab, but now you are not. Was it “self-admiration” and delusion? Did you tell yourself “Look, it is me! I am really observing [the rules] and covering myself properly? I am better than others in wearing the hijab”. Through this “inner, heart-felt” belief you might have seen yourself somehow superior to others. (This is arrogance - which is one of the great sins - to forget God). Then God desired to remind you of this morally great sin. The effect of that “inner pride” was that you discarded the hijb. The Best Ways to Correct and Cure this Problem: a) Put all your trust in Allah b) Repent (tawbah) for pride and self-conceit that sometimes take hold of some of us human beings. c) Do not be indifferent [to important matters] and remember that death will finally come to us, and that we must answer why we have done certain acts. d) We must ask prominent religious personalities of Islam such as Hazrat Zahra, Zaynab Kubra, and Hazrat Ma’sumah (God’s peace and blessing be upon them) to help in putting this problem right. Wassalam-o-‘Alaykum wa Rahmat Allah


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