Why is homosexuality haram? What counter evidence do you have against the argument that homosexuality is biological?

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Salam alaikum Thanks for Your question. Please take note of the following points: 1. The subject of Halal and Haram (the lawful and unlawful) in Islam is among the religious laws, which are decreed for the followers of every Sharia by Almighty God and His prophets. According to the Holy Qur'an, human beings - if not adhered to the religion and Sharia - love to be free and do whatever they wish to do without any obstacles before them! We read in the Holy Quran: “the man who denies resurrection, wants to be free and live in sin’. Therefore, the religion and Sharia, in a calculated and wise manner, restricts this unbridled freedom in the form of halal and haram. God, Who is All-Wise and Aware of the interests of individuals and societies, has set some issues in the form of Do’s and Don’ts for Muslims and believers in order to guide them and lead them to salvation. On this basis, homosexuality is one of those things which has been prohibited by God, the All-Wise and All-Knowing, according to the interests of people and the whole community. 2. Now, let’s see what is meant by homosexuality? What is its benefit to mankind? Or what's wrong with it? Does homosexuality really secure human's physiological needs (i.e. any internal state of a person that is essential for physical and mental development)? There is no doubt that sexual desire is among innate human needs, which must be fulfilled and saturated properly and reasonably. Psychologists, too, believe that if these needs are overlooked or not fulfilled for long, they will disrupt the physical or mental health of people. The Almighty, Who is the Creator of all things, has created a creature called human in two genders: male and female. Then, He has established the intrinsic needs - both material and spiritual - within them, which is considered as their primary and inherent nature. One of these needs is sexual and erotic need. The solution to this issue is settled by God through marriage. 3. Islam attaches great importance to marriage and makes it the most favorite foundation of the social system. The Prophet of Allah says: "There is no foundation in Islam more favorite than marriage in the sight of Almighty God". We can find some important goals and objectives for marriage in the Holy Quran and in the words of our Infallible Imams, examples of which we briefly mention as follows: a) Satisfying the Sexual Desire Certainly, the first important goal of marriage is to respond to sexual and erotic needs. The Holy Quran says: “Marry off those who are single among you as well as the upright among your male and female slaves. If they are poor, Allah will enrich them out of His grace, and Allah is All-Bounteous, All-Knowing”. As we see in this verse, marriage has been highlighted as a very influential tool for preventing from sexual pollution. A simple and easy marriage is a logical and legitimate way to respond to human’s sexual desire and to eliminate prostitution and sexual sins. The first step is therefore the practice of legal marriage (male-female marriage). Since poverty and lack of financial resources is an almost general excuse for escaping from the burden of marriage and formation of a family, the abovementioned verse addresses it: “If they are poor, Allah will enrich them out of His grace”. That means: “Do not worry about poverty and try to get married; because if they are poor and needy, Allah will suffice. Allah, the Almighty, is able to do this because His power has no limits. He controls the whole universe. His knowledge, too, has no limits and He is aware of the intentions of all, especially those who seek to marry to safeguard their chastity and purity. All such people are subject to the grace of Allah. The issue of marriage is so important that Almighty God has ordained another option for those who cannot afford to organize a permanent marriage. This option is temporary marriage whose primary goal is to satisfy sexual desires. This type of marriage has its own set of rules, and is proclaimed in the verse 24 of Surah Al-Nisa. b) Creating an Environment of Tranquility and Relaxation The need for calm, which is rooted in human nature, is one of the most important and perhaps the first motive and purpose of marriage according to the teachings of Islam. God says: “And one of His signs is that He created ‘mates’ for you from yourselves; that you may find rest in them (take comfort in them)”. That is, male and female were created in such a way that they will be completed together. When the reproductive system of male and female are carefully noticed, it turns out that both are incomplete and need each other. It is because of this defect and need that each one moves to the other, and when it comes to it, it becomes calm; because every imperfection is eager for perfection, and every needy wants to fulfill its needs. This is the same state of lust and sexual desire, which has been made as an innate part of human beings. The Holy Prophet of Islam (pbuh) says: "What is better for a believer than a righteous woman; who will make him rejoice whenever he sees her." Therefore, the Holy Quran considers the existence of a spouse (opposite sex) as a calming and soothing factor. This verse continues: “… And He put between you (the couple) love and compassion”. Love and compassion, which are emotional states of heart, have been named as two blessings of God so that the couple will live together with hearts full of affection and mercy. c) Reproducing Generations Another great purpose of marriage is reproduction of human race. The Holy Quran explains the story of creation: “O people! be careful of (your duty to) your Lord, Who created you from a single being (Adam) and created its mate (Eve) of the same (kind); and spread from these two, many men and women…” Obviously, this important goal is not possible except through the marriage of a man with his opposite sex (woman). The other two important goals mentioned above (fulfilling the sexual need and creating a tranquil and calm atmosphere), too, shall not be fulfilled in their true sense, except through lawful marriage as prescribed in the religion. In the marriage of two boys or two girls together (homosexuality in the form of sodomy or lesbianism), none of these three goals shall be secured; just the opposite, it would be harmful to the goals. That is why homosexuality has been banned in Islam and other divine religions. 4. According to what we said above, homosexuality is contrary to the nature and spirit of mankind. It should be noticed that the primordial nature of human’s tendency towards the opposite sex will never be changed without the will of human beings themselves. If we see that some people have tendency towards the same sex, it is because they themselves have prepared the grounds and created the factors of this tendency (homosexuality) over time within themselves. For example, human’s nature hates to eat filthy objects or dirty foods; however, we see people who easily eat and drink those filthy and disgusting things. Needless to say that such people stayed away from delicious and pleasant foods for a long time so that their nature has been transformed into an abnormal one, converting them to individuals who are now accustomed to eating garbage! Of course, these people were directly or indirectly involved in changing their taste and innate nature. In the same way, there are definitely factors that homosexuals have created over time in their own environment; or were living in an environment where homosexuality was prevailing. Therefore, homosexuality does not correspond to the basic nature of mankind and has an adverse effect. This act not only does not lead to human tranquility and assurance, but also causes man’s anxiety and wandering. Therefore, this practice is considered to be a very hideous and nasty act which is strongly forbidden in Islam. Here, we point out some verses from the Holy Quran as well as a number of Islamic narratives in this regard: A) THE HOLY QURAN: • In Sura al-Shu’ara, sodomy has been condemned, and homosexuals have been introduced as offenders: “What! Of all people do you come to males? And abandon your wives whom your Lord has created for you? Indeed, you are a transgressing group”. • In Sura al-Ankaboot, too, this sinful act has been announced as an evil deed, which will result in the discontinuation of human generation: “What! Do you go to men (to satisfy your lust), engage in highway robbery, and commit evil deeds in your gatherings?” • In Sura al-Anbia, the practice of homosexuality (sodomy) has been proclaimed as a vicious act; and those people who committed the act as the evil and corrupt group: “And We delivered him (Prophet Lot) from the town which used to commit vicious acts. Indeed, they were evil and depraved people”. B) ISLAMIC NARRATIVES AND HADITHS: • Imam Reza (a.s.), when explaining the philosophy behind the prohibition of homosexuality, says: "The philosophy of prohibiting homosexuality (sexual relations of men with men, or, women with women) is because of the fact that it is contrary to the nature that Almighty God has established for men and women (any opposition to such innate features will cause a deviation from the norms of human’s soul and body). Also, homosexuality will cut off the human race and shall spoil the social life and the entire world.” • In a narration from Prophet Muhammad (s.a.), we read about this shameful act and its punishment: “When the people of Prophet Lot performed those disgraceful acts, the earth groaned and cried, to the extent that its cries reached the heavens. Subsequently, the heavens cried too much so that their cries reached the Divine Throne. It was then that Almighty God commanded the heavens to stone the people of Lot to death and ordered the earth to swallow them up.” • Imam Sadiq (a.s.) quotes the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.) as saying: [The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Anyone who performs sexual intercourse with a boy, will enter the Resurrection Day in a polluted and impure condition, and no water in the world shall clean him up; and God will be wrathful with him and shall curse him and will prepare hell for him. Surely, hell is an evil destination.” The Holy Prophet then said: “Whenever a man performs an intercourse with another man, God's Throne will quake.] • In another tradition of the Holy Prophet (s.a.), we read: "A person who kisses a boy through sexual lust, God will put a bridle of fire on his mouth on the Day of Resurrection." C) HOMOSEXUALITY IN THE ISLAMIC JURISPRUDENCE: Homosexuality is one of the most hideous and most shameful acts in Islam, and one of the greatest sins that involves legal punishment. The legal (religious) punishment for both partners in sodomy (homosexuality in men) is execution (death sentence). Different ways have been stated in the Islamic Jurisprudence for this execution. Of course, such a sin should be definitely proven first through authoritative and decisive ways mentioned in Islamic Jurisprudence and the narratives of the infallible Imams. Even three times of confession alone shall not be enough and there must be at least four times of confession to prove the sin. The punishment for homosexuality in women - after four times of confession or confirmation by four just witnesses (according to the conditions given in Islamic Jurisprudence) - is to receive 100 lashes. Some Muslim Jurisprudents believe that if a married woman is engaged in lesbianism, her punishment would be execution. It is noteworthy that another punishment for homosexuals is that if a man inserts his penis into the anus of the passive (receiving) male partner, he can never marry the sister, mother, or daughter of the passive partner. NOTE: Implementation of these punishments requires a precise and calculated process that are highlighted in the sources of Islamic Jurisprudence, and must be enforced by competent law courts. 5. Homosexuality from the Perspective of Medical Science Today, the issue of homosexuality has been evaluated and debated in various assemblies. From a medical point of view, it has been proven that male-male (same-sex) relationship is a high-risk act. No doctor recommends such a relationship; and of course there is no theory to declare that such relationship is healthy and harmless. On the contrary, this kind of sexual relationship has always been medically rejected. Adverse Health Consequences of Homosexuality a) Prevalence of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Doctors believe that infectious diseases and viruses such as hepatitis, AIDS, syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases are more easily transmitted through the anus. Many people assume that there is no threat in the anal intercourse, while the anus has many bacteria within itself; therefore, the transmission of viruses such as AIDS, etc. would be easier. These bacteria do not disappear with washing. In the last twenty years, scientists discovered that although Penicillin had reduced the incidence of many diseases to a great extent, the statistics showed a terrible increase of sexually transmitted diseases in the United States and Europe. In 1964, a global seminar with a presence of 1500 specialists was held in the United States to discuss sexually transmitted diseases. Afterwards, all the articles presented at the seminar were published in a book entitled "The Function of the World Congress on Sexual Diseases". The findings of this seminar revealed that the proportion of sexually transmitted diseases within the 1950-1960 period increased in 71 countries out of a total of 105 countries under study, most of which European countries. That is, of the total 20 European countries studied, such diseases had increased in 19 countries. At the same seminar, it was found that syphilis statistics in the United States was a total of 7600 cases in 1957, which reached 20800 in 1961. That was almost three times within just four years, which was much horrible. Gonorrhea statistics in the United States alone was one million cases per year. The estimated population infected with syphilis in the world was 20 million in 1953. b) The muscles of the anus will be loosened and the person will lose control over excretion of stool. c) Negative Psychological Impact for the Passive (Receiving) Male Partner The passive male partner in a homosexual relationship will gradually assume that he is not a man. This will cause disturbances in his behavior and will lead to mental illness, the most important of which are Masochism and Sadism. d) Homosexuality will destroy the foundation of families due to the man's reluctance to have healthy and legal sexual relationship with a wife (opposite sex). e) The emergence of psychological disorders that gradually lead the person to corruption and other deviations such as the use of drugs and alcoholic beverages and other moral deviations; which is another great misfortune. **** Some of the aforementioned harmful effects have been mentioned in Islamic narratives. In a narration from Imam Sadiq (a.s.), it is stated that the holy Imam, when asked why God had forbidden sodomy, said: “If the marriage with boys was halal, then men would not need women (i.e. men would be unwilling to marry the opposite sex). This would have cut off the human race and resulted in the obliteration of natural sexuality; and produced a lot of moral and social corruptions. Conclusion: Homosexuality is against the pure nature of mankind. It is a hideous and shameful act from Islamic and Quranic point of view; because it promotes corruption and moral deviations, destroys the family foundation, cuts off the human race, and causes dangerous diseases such as hepatitis, syphilis, AIDS and other infectious diseases. Of course, there may be some rare people who have a tendency to the same sex within themselves. Such people may physiologically be hermaphrodites (having both male and female sexual organs / or / characteristics). Most physicians and scientists consider this a disease, which should be treated. Good luck Bureau of Responding to Questions and Dubieties


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