I am 41 years man with 3 son and wife and parent living in India. Since last 3 year facing financial issue there is no works for me; and whatever work starts it does not work. I pray salat and recite Quran but it seems like it is not benefiting me as I am not making as it has to do. Please suggestion about this query how to tackle financial issue in family I am going in minus and do not understand. I believe and hope on Allah and Ahlulbayt but still my mind confuse to accept hard things. I am in very difficult need of financial to service family and parent. Please guide me...

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Dear Brother Salaam alaykum Thanks for your question. We wish you good health and success. We are very sorry to read your sufferings and pray to Almighty God to solve all your problems. However, please note that you are not the only one who is involved in such hardships. Many other people like you have similar problems. Every problem has its specific solutions; and you should find the right solution to your trouble. Therefore, do not be disappointed; and never think that you are alone and helpless. You need to believe a few things from a religious point of view: 1. It is only right to rely on Almighty God; never rely on anyone but Allah! 2. Trust in God does not replace work and activity. There is a Persian proverb: Tie up the knees of your camel, and then trust in God! 3. The love of Holy Ahlul-Bayt (a.s.), seeking assistance from them, and accepting their Wilayat (loving and following them) is not only beneficial but also obligatory. However, tavakkol on nobody is correct except on Almighty God. 4. The acts of worship, especially Salaat (performing prayers), are always useful and beneficial to all; it is not true to say that it has not benefited you! Although its advantages are often spiritual, it is also useful for everyone to be successful in the material life and to overcome difficulties. 5. Never cut off your connection with the Holy Quran. Try to recite the Holy Quran - even a single verse - daily. 6. Try to serve your parents for the sake of Almighty God. This is a blessing from God which will lead to many blessings in your life. Therefore, always be happy for having the chance to help them and be thankful to God for this blessing; and consider it a big treasure for your life after death. A few practical solutions: 1. We should focus our target on attaining salvation and obtaining God's satisfaction in the hereafter. This should be set as the ultimate goal of our lives. We must believe that God is the One who provides our sustenance; therefore, we must truly and sincerely trust in Him and regard this world as a transitional place of trial, where we have to stop for a short time. Spiritual calmness helps us to endure the problems of life in this world and solve it gradually. 2. Good economic management can regulate human life even in financial straits. On the other hand, monetary mismanagement can bring about poverty and neediness even in economic prosperity. Lavishness and overspending are not only considered as sins but also will result in wasting resources and turning people into needy ones. One of the important issues affecting household's economy is lavishness, overspending, and consumption of properties in a wrong manner. Sometimes it is good to evaluate our life to determine if our pattern of consumption is really Islamic and without extremes. 3. A good and useful occupation is essential for all people; so do not wait for a job to come to you! You should go towards job and provide even small job opportunities for yourself. If you do not have or find a job, do not waste your time. Try to be engaged in any useful work you can do, such as weaving, sewing, cleaning your home, studying, etc. These beneficial activities will gradually empower you and help you overcome problems. 4. Don't wait for official and governmental employment. You can, for example, do household chores such as sewing clothes, carpet weaving, drying and selling vegetables, beans, fruits, or baking bread and homemade pastries, painting, calligraphy, translating and authoring books, etc. to earn a living. 5. Comparing our lives with other people, who are richer than us, is not right and causes discontent. So it is advisable to compare ourselves with weaker and inferior people in worldly matters, and be content with what we have and be grateful to Almighty God. Know that 'contentment' is an endless treasure, and if one is contented with low income and with what he already has, he will not need the assistance of others. 6. In countries like Iran, some people set up interest-free loans within families to help solve the problems of the needy by providing facilities for employment and securing living expenses, marriage, medical treatment, and so on. You, too, may borrow money from your close relatives or friends so that you can make a profitable economic activity and gradually repay your debt. 7. Prioritizing living expenses is one of the best things to do. A low-income person, who spends half of it on extravagant expenditures - such as going to the cinema, buying expensive foods, decorating, etc. – and thus turns himself into a needy person, should not blame anyone but himself! We thank you for sending your questions to us; and we pray to Almighty Allah for the best of your health and high spirit. You, too, remember us in your prayers. We hope our response will be useful to you. We shall appreciate sending us your suggestions and criticisms, in order to improve our responses. Good Luck /Wassalaamu alaykum THE AHLULBAYT WORLD ASSEMBLY, QOM, IRAN


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