Mention some of the manifestations of Islamic tolerance and leniency please.

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1- Divine decrees are quite simple and obeying these orders is not too difficult. Comparing Islamic orders with other religions` orders clarify the simplicity of obeying Islamic orders. Besides, comparing these orders with our own local customs also prove them to be easy and simple. 2- Not only are Divine decrees simple in the way of obeying them, but they are also in line with our own natural structure and abiding with them brings about our exuberance. For instance, our natural structure is such that conforms to ignorance and neglectfulness. Thus, the decree to preserve the chastity offers a kind of liveliness. This inner liveliness simplifies the preservation of chastity. 3- God, the Exalted, has granted the People of the Books to live freely under the aegis of Islam insofar as they have not planned to enforce acts of hostilities against Islam and Muslim society. 4- God, the Exalted, has permitted the opponents of Islamic administration to express their political views according to the constitution as long as they do not impose any military threat and not challenge Muslims` security. 5- God, the Exalted, has left the choice for people to either accept Islamic government and guardianship of the jurist or reject it. However, it bans the employment of coup d'état and the like to realize an Islamic state.


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