What are the reasons of the emersion and extension of innovation in society?

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One of the most significant factors of the emersion and extension of innovation in society is the extra eager for fame. By studying the history of the false claimants of prophecy, it has been proved that the whim of the soul and extra eager for fame have had main roles in the extension of this matter and the act of heretic, who had the claim of prophecy, would be innovation. And also narratives have indicated to this matter. Commander of faithful (pbuh) told people: “O people! By the emersion of seditions the human being will follow the whim of soul, innovate rules and will be hostile toward Quran. There are people who protect the heretics” (1). Extra eager for fame has an important role in the human’s life. By following this instinct, the human being will covet the ranks of prophets. Perhaps in the primitive centuries, some of the prevalent religions among the Muslims have been as a result of this instinct. Ibne Abi Al-hadid has narrated that one day, when commander of faithful (pbuh) was passing through the dead people of Khavaarej, said: “Woe to you! You have been deceived by some people who, in fact damaged you”. “Who did deceive them?” they asked. “They have been deceived by the deceptive Satan and their concupiscent soul. These two showed them how to be sinful and how to be dominance in wrong path, but in fact they threw these people in the fire (hell) (2)” commander of faithful answered. The followings are three significant reasons of the emersion and extension of innovation and irreligion matters: showing superiority over the low ranks, zealotry and obeying the cruel people. (3) (4)


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