How do Wahhabis propagandize for their school?

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Wahhabis use various methods to extend their beliefs and thoughts. Some of them are as follows: 1- Confronting the Shia’s books Wahhabis have opposed Shia and their scientific works through various methods; because Imamites deals with proposing scientific discussions more than other Islamic religions. Why are there so many objections to Shia’s beliefs? If their sayings are in accord with the truth and other’s saying is false, why are they afraid of falsehood? Why do they prevent distributing the Shia’s books among youths? Why should a Wahhabi student be expelled from scientific centers, if he has a Shi’ite book in his hand? Why do not they let people of thought decide themselves? Why should Shi’ite books which were presented in the international book exhibition of Egypt be bought and burned by Wahhabis? [1] 2- Distorting books Distorting the traditional, interpretive and historical books is one of the ways of opposing dissenters by Wahhabis. They distort narrations and words against them. Muhammad Nuri Dirthawi says that: “distorting and omitting traditions is Wahhabis’ matter of routin; for example, Nu’man Alusi distorted the Tafsir of his father Shaykh Mahmud Alusi, namely Ruh al- Ma’ani and omitted the subjects that were disadvantageous to Wahhabis, if it was not distorted, his Tafsir would be considered as an example of Tafsirs”. Another example is that they omitted the chapter of “Istighathah” (seeking help) in Maghna of ibn Qudamah Hanbali; because it is considered as polytheism by them, then they published that. They reprinted Sharh Sahih of Muslim with omitting the traditions of Attributes. [2] 3- Using the season of Hajj (pilgrimage) One of the publicity methods of Wahhabis is taking advantage of the opportunity of Hajj more and more; the season in which hundred thousand Muslim Hajjis gather from around the world, Wahhabis take unfair advantage of this opportunity to extend their thoughts well. They send preachers among pilgrims with various languages and propagate their religion by scientific discussion, giving book and inviting them to their scientific centers in the case of being a scientific person. Recently it has been even seen that they distribute freely Farsi books against Shia among Iranian pilgrims in high circulation, the books written secretively for proving their beliefs and destroying the beliefs of Shia and other Islamic religions. For example, ten millions and 685 thousands books in 20 living languages of the world (mostly against Shia) have been distributed by the government of Saudi among pilgrims of Allah’s House only in the season of Hajj of the solar year 1381. [3] 4- Accusations against Shia Doctor Abdullah Muhammad Gharib one of the Egyptian scholars writes in his book full of falsities and accusations “Wa Ja’a Dur al- Majus” that: ان الثور الخمينية مجوسية و ليست اسلامية، اعجمية و ليست عربية، کسروية و ليست محمدية 4 “The movement of (Imam) Khumayni is a Zoroastrian, Iranian and Kasravi (attributed to Jewish) movement, not an Islamic, Arabic and Muhammadian movement”. He has continued rancor and enmity to some extent that he has written: نعلم ان حکام طهران اشد خطرا غلي الاسلام من اليهود، و لا ننتظر خيرا منهم، و ندرک جيدا انهم سيتعاونون مع اليهود في حرب المسلمين 5 “We know that the danger of Tehran’s governors is bigger than the danger of Jews to Islam, and no hope of beneficent is expected of them, and also we know that they will unify Jews and come to fight against Muslims”! Doctor Nasir al- Din Qafari one of the teachers of the illuminated Medina’s universities has written in the book “Usul Mazhab al- Shia al- Imamiyah”, his PhD’s thesis, that: ادخل الخميني اسمه في اذان الصلوات، و قدم اسمه حتي علي اسم النبي الکريم، فاذان الصلوات في ايران يعد استلام الخميني للحکم و في کل جوامعها کما يلي: الله اکبر، الله اکبر، خيمني رهبر، اي الخميني هو القائد، ثم اشهد ان محمدا رسول الله 6 “(Imam) Khumayni has put his name in the proclamation of prayers and even preferred his name to the Prophet’s (s.a.w.) name. After that (Imam) Khumayni took the reins of government as the ruler of Iran and all (Muslim) societies, proclamation in the prayers changed in this way in Iran: Allah is the Most Great, Allah is the Most Great, Khumayni the leader; that is, Khumayni is our leader, then (they say) I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”! While if anyone goes to different cities and mosques of Iran after victory of the Islamic revolution in this country, he will realize that this unfair accusation is a lie. Yes! the truth is that the prayers after saying their prayer recite all together that they declare the leadership of Imam Khumayni (May Allah have mercy on him). [7]


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