What does Mu’tazilite scholars say about philosophy of Imamate?

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The Jubbaites (followers of Jubbai who is one of Mu’tazilite scholars) from Mu’tazilite scholars believe that the philosophy of necessity of the Imamate is establishing Allah’s laws and it is one of the duties of Imam, not the others, therefore there should be an Imam who does this important act. But Qazi Abdul-Jabbar one of Mu’tazilite scholars says in Sharh al- Usul al- Khamsa that the philosophy of necessity of the Imamate is not only establishing Allah’s laws, but doing all of the religious rules which are related to Imamate is the philosophy of it. (1) He also says that: “surely, the aim of presence of the Imam is for auditory affairs, such as legal punishments and authorization for rules and the like. (2) (3)


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