Do the Shia consider it impermissible to eat savory cabbage and permissible to marry nine women?

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He has said that: “some of Imamate Shia have considered it permissible for men to marry nine women, and some of them have said that: “eating savory cabbage is impermissible, because it has been grown from Husain’s blood and it didn’t exist before Husain’s martyrdom”” (1). Before he has accused the Shia, he should have referred to the jurisprudence of imamate Shia, based on which it has been impermissible to marry more than four women and it has been considered as one of the peculiar rights of the Prophet (s.a.). Both of Shia and Sunni have consensus on this matter, and there isn’t any dissension between them. Before he had attributed the prohibition of eating savory cabbage to the Shia, he should have traveled to their cities to see how they grow the savory cabbages in their farms, and enjoy eating that with rice and also eating the boiled cabbage with wheat, until it became clear for him that different groups of people, including educated, literate, illiterate and the ordinary people do the same thing (eating cabbage). So far no one has heard from the Shia about the prohibition of eating cabbage, and it has never been narrated from neither scholars of tradition, historians, narrators nor greengrocer that the savory cabbage has been grown from Imam Husain’s blood! (9)


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