Does Shia consider the blood of each Muslim to be permissible?

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The writer of “al-‘Aqd al-Farid” said that: “the Jews consider the blood of each Muslim to be permissible, and so do the Shia”. We say in response to this accusation that, does this man have any reference for this attribute from the Shia books and scholars, or his references are from the ordinary people and baseless words? The one is Shia, who recites Quran days and nights. He is sure that its verses are revelation and have been revealed to the Prophet (s.a.) from God. There are some verses, which proscribes one from murdering a believer, and considers hell as the eternal place for the murderer. There is also a verse about retaliation. In addition to that, there are narratives from the Prophet (s.a.) and the Shia Imams (a.s.), which are about the prohibition from murdering a believer, its retribution and the related laws, including retaliation and blood money. In the jurisprudential books of Shia, there are two chapters about retaliation and blood money. So according to what we mentioned above, it can be realized certainly that there is not any base and root for this unfair accusation, but some futile thoughts out of stupid enmity and zealotry. (1)


1. Shafi’I Shahrudi, a comprehensive selection of al-Ghadir, P. 275 ------------------------------ Ref:

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