What is the opinion of Amir al-Muminin about seeing Allah?

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One day a person asked Amir al- Muminin Ali (a.s.) that: “O brother of the Messenger of Allah have you seen Allah?” Ali (a.s.) said in answer to his question that: “how can I worship One whom I have not seen him then? Of course, He cannot be seen by eye, but hearts can see Him by real faith. And we cannot see Allah by eye for this reason that its prerequisite is considering Allah as a creature, because anyone who can be seen by eye is a creature and each creature needs a creator. Therefore he considered Allah as a creature, not creator, and whoever likens Allah to his creature, he associated partner with Allah”. [1]


1- Bihar al- Anwar, vol. 36, p. 406, tradition no. 16. ------------------------------ Ref:

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