Is asking other than God for intercession, a vain and baseless act and does it lead to polytheism?

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Sometimes it is said that since intercession is God’s right, belongs to Him, will be performed by His permission and involves those that God is pleased with them, asking other than God for it, is a vain and baseless act. For instance if you are responsible for doing a job, and someone asks other than you to do the job, it will be vain because other than you has been asked to do your job. Therefore, if anyone asks other than God for doing something which belongs to Him, he has committed a vain act or in other words polytheism. We have to say in response that, firstly even if we suppose that it is vain, it is not polytheism, and there is a big difference between vanity and polytheism. Secondly it is not even vain, because we have not asked a stranger for intercession, but we have asked someone who has been permitted to perform intercession by God



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