Please explain about the importance of prostration between worships.

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In Islam’s point of view, prostration for Allah is the best way or one of best ways of worshiping and servitude and as it has been mentioned it cabbalas, person is closer to Allah in position of prostration than other position; great leaders especially prophet of Allah (s.a.) and Ahl -e- Bait (a.s.) had long prostrations. Long prostrations for Allah develop and grow human soul and body and are most obvious symbols of humility and servitude in presence of God. Because of that it has been ordered to prostrate twice in each Rak’at of prayer and prostration for gratitude and other obligatory and Mustahab prostrations are most obvious samples of prostration. While prostrating, person forgets anything other than Allah and see himself/herself closer to him and places at adduction table of Allah. Masters of gnosis and evolution and teachers of behavior affirm a lot on prostration. All that has been said above is a clear proof for a famous Hadith that says none of acts of human is painful to Satan more than prostration to Allah and we read in another Hadith: “Holy Prophet (s.a.) told one of his companions: If you want to accompany me in the judgment day, then perform long prostrations for vanquisher Allah”. [1]


[1] Safinat Albahar, article of prostration. ------------------------------ Ref: Shia Answers; Ayt. Makarem Shirazi; Translated by: Bahador Shirazian

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