Is pilgrimage of tombs not considered as polytheism?

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Sometimes unknown people call pilgrims of tombs of Imams “polytheist”. Surely if they knew the meaning of pilgrimage and the contents of pray of pilgrimage, then they will be ashamed of this expression. No wise person worships Prophet (s.a.) or Imams (a.s.), and never ever anyone even think of it, and all known believers go to pilgrimage for respecting and asking intercession. Most of the times we say one hundred times “Allah is the greatest” and by doing this emphasis on monotheism (Tawhid) one hundred times and ward of any doubt of polytheism from ourselves. In famous pray of pilgrimage “Amin Allah” we say in front of tombs of Imams: “We testify that you performed Jihad for Allah and performed it completely, you acted according to Qur’an and you followed the tradition of prophet, until Allah called you from this world to his adjacency of mercy”. Can monotheism be more than this? In famous pray of pilgrimage “Jame’eye Khottab” (Orator’s in common) we say: (In these six sentences all pronouns refer to almighty Allah) “All of you Imams invite to him and imply on him and believe him and obey him and do what he order and guide people in his way”. Contents of all of these prays of pilgrimage are Allah and inviting to monotheism, is it polytheism or belief? In other part of this pray of pilgrimage we say: “I ask you intercession in the presence of almighty Allah”, and if there is any mist in some phrases of these prays of pilgrimage, it will clarify completely with these strong proofs.


Ref: Shia Answers; Ayt. Makarem Shirazi; Translated by: Bahador Shirazian

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