What is the soul (essence) of the Islamic commandments (teachings)? Please explain the Shia view about it?

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WE BELIEVE that one of the most important subjects of the knowledge of God, is the MONOTHEISM, i.e. the belief that there is but one God. As a matter of fact Monotheism (TOWHID) is not only a principle of the religion, but the most important of the tenets. It is the very soul and the base of all the Islamic ideas and beliefs. we can say that the roots, as well as the branches of Islam take their forms in the monotheism. The UNITY and ONENESS is a general topic of conversation everywhere and in every field:- UNITY OF GOD'S ESSENCE, Unity of His attributes, and actions. In other word, also the unity of prophets and their teachings, the unity of the LAW, GHIBLEH, and the books. And after all, the unity of Moslims through their brotherhood and the unity of the resurrection day. From this point of view the HOLY QURN declares POLYTHEISM as an unforgiveable SIN: “Allah does not forgive those who set up partners with Him, but He may forgive any sin inferiorto that, of whom he wills. He that sets up CO-SHARERS with Allah is guilty of a SIN which is most heinous indeed.” (The Holy Quran - S4: 48) “It has already been revealed to you as it was revealed to those before you that: If you join gods with Allah, your deeds shall be fruitless, and you surely will be one of those who lose (all spiritual goodnesses).” (The Holy Quran - S39: 65)


Ref: Our Belief (a brief description of Islam: Shiite believe); Ayt. Makarem Shirazi; Translated by: Monir Shafiei

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