One of my friend, I should say class fellow one of the bitterest Wahhabi...told, you believe that your imams knew the time of their death...if yes then they must b knowing how they would be killed martyred...then it’s a suicide naudobillah to eat the food having poison...I have been answered quite efficiently by other Ulemas but I want u to answer me, that could help Wahhabis understand too...on the other side I have stopped meeting him even stopped attending friends gathering...what is the ruling regarding that. Should I continue these things or not?

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1. Allah (SWT) grants to His best servants from His knowledge about the unseen, according to the wisdom of Allah and the benefit of Islam. The Prophet (SAWA) and the Infallible Imams do not know every unseen which Allah knows, but whatever Allah permits as you can easily read in Quran 2/255. The Infallible Imams are the best servants of Allah after the Prophet (SAWA) and Allah grants to them from His knowledge as He wants. 2. Try to discuss with your Wahhabi friend according to Quran and authentic Hadeeths and try to prove to him that what he is following is very far from the Real Islam of the Prophet (SAWA) and Ahlul Bayt (a.s). Give him some books and invite him to read and discuss. If you find him rigid and narrow minded without any thinking about evidences, then you can leave him and do not waste your time and effort on him. Wassalam Mohammad al-Musawi



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