On the day of eve of 9th night Ashura we kept Quran Open in the Imam bargah facing inward. Someone says we should keep it closed. Who is right and why?

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No doubt, the tragedy of Karbala in Ashura is the biggest tragedy of Islam and Quran. It might be the reason for those who kept Quran open inward to show the tragedy of Quran in Ashura. Nevertheless, Quran is the greatest and the most holy book which has the last and final message of Allah, so, we should pay utmost respect to Quran. Any act which might give impression of less respect must be avoided. There is no Muslim who intends to disrespect Quran, but sometimes an act which is understood by a person in a way can be understood by another person in a different way, so, we have to be more careful not only about what we think, but also what others can think. I did not see any of the big Shia Ulama in Najaf or Iran putting Quran in Imam bargah facing inward during Ashura or any time. It might be a sign of sorrow in some cultures, but we should be very careful if someone from another culture misunderstood this act and took it as less respect, God forbid. Wassalam. Mohammad al-Musawi



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