When does human life begin - at conception, or later on during pregnancy?

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Human physiological life has many stages, starting from the formation of the zygote, which is the united cell of the male sperm and the female ovum. Zygote which is the beginning of pregnancy develops into increasing numbers of cells forming the beginnings of the organs of the human body. When the human embryo reaches four months, Allah (s.w.t.) blows in it the spirit of life, so, it starts pulsing and little movements. This is why it is not allowed to deliberately terminate pregnancy even if it is for one hour or less, as far as it has already started by the formation of the zygote. The human soul is created long before his physiological life. There is a Hadees (tradition) stating that Allah has created the souls of people before creating their bodies by two thousand years, and created their sustenance before creating their souls by two thousand years. Sayyed Mohammed Musawi



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