I was reading about Ibn Sina and found that he was known to be a Ismaili, however there are speculations on him being an Ithna Ashari...Just out of curiosity I am asking this question that whether he was an Ithna Ashari in Taqaiyya or Ismaili right until the end of his life?

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There is no doubt that Ibn Sina was a Shia. We have no evidence that he was not Ithna Ashari. In fact the Egyptian Sunni scholar Suleman Dunia confirmed that Ibn Sina was Ithna Ashari Shia, as you see in the introduction of Al Isharaat wal Tanbeehat, Egyptian edition. “المحقق المصري سليمان دنيا في مقدمته لكتاب الإشارات والتنبيهات الطبعة المصرية” Wassalam. Mohammad al-Musawi



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