Please give an advice you can to a person who is very unsure on what decisions to make in their life. I keep thinking that I am making the wrong choice for example if I go back to postgrad university it may be a waste of money and I may struggle and get a bad grade again, but finding work is hard and there is no voluntary positions in my field. But I need to make a choice soon as time is passing by. I don’t know what to do career wise and my family pressure and annoy me so much that in the past I felt forced to make rash decisions just to silence them but they were bad decisions education wise and work wise. Any advice appreciated.

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You need to concentrate in your thinking and seek help from Allah (SWT) to guide you to the best. No doubt, we cannot always reach to the best option, so, we seek guidance through Estikhara. Estikhara is a very useful way to get guidance when we are unable to choose the best option. Wassalam. Mohammad al-Musawi



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