I’m a youngster who is confused about my career tries a lot to follow shiasm religiously. But for some or the other reason, I’m not able be successful in both al-deen al-duniya. Also I’m not able to find peace in my life? Can you please suggest solutions? Can u please suggest certain Du’as or acts through which i can sought help, become close to from Imam Mahdi acts?

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The main thing in our life and the key for every success is to be sincere, faithful and obedient to Allah the Glorious. We need first of all to clean our hearts from the stain of sins, and beware of satanic whisperings and acts. Shaitan will continue trying to harm us to destroy and ruin us, unless we decide and act firmly against him. I advise you to do the following: 1. Performing your obligatory Salaat (Prayers) on time and try your best to concentrate while praying to make your heart feel that you are talking to Allah. 2. Recite Quran for some time every day. 3. Recite Dua number 20 in the Saheefa Sajjadia at least once a week. 4. Try to perform Salat Allayl (Namaz e Shab) either in its full form of 11 Rak'ats, or the short form of 3 Rak'ats or atleast the shortest form of one Rak'at. 5. Repeat Estighfaar and Saawaat at least 100 times a day. Wassalam. Mohammad al-Musawi



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